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Six Flags Over Texas Discount Tickets and Specials

Looking for discounts to Six Flags Over Texas Theme Parks 2020? There are many ways to get discount tickets to amusements parks including Six Flags Over Texas . We will be constantly scouting for these discounts and posting them here.

It is always a good idea to purchase Six Flags Over Texas park tickets before you go to the park. Often beverage vendors offer discounts with their product containers or labels. Chain restaurants like subway often have theme park tickets at a discount.

So if you are looking for theme park deals you have come to the right place. Whether you want to go for a day of for a week it is always a good idea to plan ahead. Look for Six Flags Over Texas discounts on line. Check you local paper for Six Flags Atlanta coupons.

During certain low-traffic seasons or at other times when the parks including Six Flags Over Texas want to drum up business, these can be great values, indeed.

Count 'em—Six Flags Over Texas has more than 50 rides. Everything from Looney Tunes rides for youngsters to nerve-numbing thrill machines like Superman: Tower of Power and Texas Giant.

Looking for thrills? Well, you've found them. In fact, you've found some of the fastest, tallest, wildest, gut-wrenchingest rides in the country-including a few record-breakers. Want to see exactly what you're getting into? Use the quick and easy guide below to learn more.

Parents of children under 54" can stop by the Ride Height Check & Guest Relations for a Parent Swap Pass. This pass allows for one or two parents to wait in a designated area, while the rest of the party enters the queue for a maximum-thrill attraction. Then they swap places!

  • General Admission $56.99
  • Child Under 48" $36.99
  • 2 & Under FREE



Print your tickets at home and go straight to the gate.

Six Flags over Texas Thrill Rides
BATMAN The Ride 54" Gotham City
Dive Bomber Alley 42" w/adult Tower
Flashback 48" Goodtimes Square
MR. FREEZE 54" Gotham City
Pandemonium 42" w/adult Boomtown
Runaway Mountain 48" Old South
Shock Wave 42" Tower
SUPERMAN: Tower of Power 52" Tower
Texas Giant — Now Open! 48" Texas
The Gunslinger 42" Boomtown
The Runaway Mine Train 42" Boomtown
Titan 48" Texas
Pack in all the thrills and excitement you can with The Flash Pass.
Six Flags Great Adventure's virtual ride reservation system holds your place in line electronically, so you can spend more time having fun and less time waiting for our most popular attractions. When it's almost time for your turn to ride, an alert is sent to The Flash Pass. It's that simple.

A Regular The Flash Pass allows you to enjoy your day at Six Flags by avoiding long lines at your favorite rides.  With a Regular The Flash Pass, you wait as long as everyone else is waiting, but not in line—you can enjoy your free time elsewhere in the park.

With a Gold The Flash Pass, you enjoy a discounted wait time of up to 75%—allowing you to ride more rides with less wait.

Coke my rewards Buy One Get One Free Six Flags Tickets

Every summer, Six Flags runs a buy-one-get-one-free ticket deal on specially printed cans of Coca Cola and other Coke products. \When should you begin looking for the special cans of Coke? I was pleasantly surprised to find the specially printed cans of Coke bearing the Magic Mountain discount coupons at my local grocery store. During the World Cup, the Six Flags coupons vanished from the Coke cans HOWEVER as of mid-July, coupons for Magic Mountain are BACK on cans of Coca Cola again!

Walmart and Vons sells buy one get one free cans in the Sprite 12 and 24 packs. I have yet to see any Six Flags Coupons on Coca Cola cans so far this year (only seen them on Sprite cans). It seems like there is still a lot of soccer cans left on Coca Cola.

If you find some of the 2010 Six Flags Coke or Sprite cans, save them! You'll get buy-one-get-one-free tickets to Six Flags Magic Mountain for you and a friend! But once the final batch of Coke cans are gone, no more will be printed. You need to hang onto them until you're ready to visit the theme park! The 2010 Coke can offer will be good through September 30 at Six Flags. To receive the discount, you must bring your can to the ticket windows at Magic Mountain. Bring one can for every set of BOGO discount tickets you need to purchase.

I have read that there is NO WAY to combine the Coca Cola promotion with tickets purchased online. The only way to take advantage of the Coca Cola promotion is to show up at the ticket window with a Coca Cola can with the buy one get one free coupon on it. You must have a can with the coupon on it. The Coca Cola promotion is redeemable any day of the week including weekends. You have to pay full price for the original ticket and then the second admission is free. Again, there is no way to take advantage of the promotion online. Online tickets are already significantly discounted. If you show up with Coca Cola cans and online tickets in hand, they will laugh in your face, because it’s only redeemable at the ticket booths.

So Which Six Flags Discount is best?

Is it better to buy tickets on line at a discount or use the coke can buy one get one free "BOGO" offer. Well lets look at the math.

Standard ticket = $54.99
Two tickets = $109.98

Online itcket = $34.99
Two TIckets = $69.98

BOGO two tickets $54.99

And the winner is..... Coke BOGO

The only catch is that the six flags coke can offer is only accpted on weekdays Monday-Thursday

Give your crew the VIP treatment with a Six Flags VIP Tour.


Private guided tour for your family or group

Front-of-the-line ride privileges

Theme park admission

Reserved show seating

Private autograph session with LOONEY TUNES or The Justice League

Lunch and dinner with reserved seating at restaurants

Unlimited snacks

Souvenir ride or character photo

Complimentary bottle of water upon arrival

Park history, trivia, and behind the scenes tour

Complimentary Pink Thing

VIP Tours are $249 per person, and include park admission. Four person minimum. Book your
Six Flags VIP Tour online today, or by calling (817) 640-8900 x3139. The tour guide will contact you the day before you are scheduled to arrive at the park. 48 hour minimum advance notice required.

In the slide show above, you're viewing pictures of fun Six Flags Over Texas rides and attractions! Just looking at these pics makes a person want to get out and enjoy the fun! But don't head to the park without checking for Six Flags Over Texas deals and specials first. Why pay full price at the front gate when you don't have to? On this page, you'll discover ways to beat the high cost of theme park admission. There's virtually ALWAYS a way to save money and get cheaper tickets to Six Flags Over Texas!
What do Six Flags Over Texas tickets cost at the theme park?

The price goes by height, actually. Adult tickets cost $59.99 at full price, and these need to be purchased by anyone over 48 inches tall (regardless of age.)

Children's tickets cost $42.99, and these may be purchased by any child under the height of 48". This "magic number" is set at 48 inches tall because so many of the park's rides require children to be that height to enjoy them. Shorter kids are quite restricted in the rides they may board, so they enjoy a discount price.

Six Flags Over Texas is offering terrific print-at-home savings on their own website. You'll save on one-day tickets...or, if you think you'll visit Six Flags more than once during the year, then Six Flags Over Texas also offers annual passes (which could be your very best way to save money if you're a frequent guest.)

 PRINT-AT-HOME DISCOUNTS FOR 1-DAY TICKETS: Six Flags Over Texas discount ticket prices change from time to time, but the park's website ALWAYS offers cheaper tickets to Six Flags Over Texas than you'll find at the gate. Yes, ALWAYS.

You may check out the current 6 Flags print-at-home discount ticket price by using the following link to the Six Flags Over Texas ticketing page of the website.

SEASON PASSES MAKE LOTS OF SENSE FOR FREQUENT VISITORS: Season passes aren't only for theme-park die-hards who return time and again to hop aboard the biggest roller coasters and thrill rides! All it takes is making one or two visits to Six Flags Over Texas during the spring and summer...and then once in the fall for Fright Fest. And then, add one more visit to get in on the Christmas season "Holiday in the Park" fun...and you've made 4 trips to the park without ever feeling like you've been a theme park fanatic! You may check the current Six Flags Over Texas season pass specials by using the following link to the Six Flags Over Texas ticketing & season pass page of the website.

2020 Season Passes for Six Flags Over Texas are now on sale! You may now get your 2020 season pass...and start using it right now (as well as during ALL of 2020, too!) And, Early Bird pricing is in effect, as well; it's one of the very CHEAPEST times of the year to purchase your season pass. There's simply no way to lose with this deal!

GOLD PASS VS REGULAR SEASON PASS: For 2020, there's a new season pass alternative...the Gold Pass. What's the difference? Just like with the regular season pass, the new Gold Pass comes with a coupon book that has a couple of "free admission" coupons for your friends. With the Gold Pass, you get even MORE perks, too! You'll also get free parking and VIP early entry time to the theme park (on selected dates in 2020.) 

Every summer, Six Flags Over Texas offers discount coupons in various places throughout the city. It's a win-win situation: Six Flags gets to remind you that, hey, it's time to visit the theme park...even though you were only thinking about getting a hamburger or drinking a Coke before. Here's a list of current park specials--
Six Flags Over Texas Coke can discounts: Traditionally, ever year Six Flags Over Texas runs a Coke can discount...and this year was no exception. What's the current Coca Cola discount at Six Flags Over Texas? You should bring an empty Coke can to the theme park's ticket booths. This can does NOT have to be specially marked with a coupon or discount information...and "diet" varieties are OK, too. In return, you can purchase an adult/teen ticket for kid's price. (Currently, a kid's ticket costs $42.99 plus tax.) The Coke special ends the end of hurry if you'd like to use it!Note: You may NOT use the Coke can discount when ordering your ticket online, because only one type of discount per ticket is allowed. Also, the Coke Can discount can't be used when purchasing a season pass.

Post Cereal coupons for Six Flags Over Texas: Last summer, coupons to Six Flags Over Texas were offered on boxes of Post cereals...and the GOOD news is that they're back again in 2020! There are two different deals you can get with the Post coupon, all depending on which day of the week you want to use the coupon.

Mondays thru Fridays: This is the best way to use your Post coupon...IF you have a family. You can get a FREE child's admission with the purchase of a full-priced adult's ticket. (That means full prices at the park's ticket booths...NOT at, where they're sold with the online discount.)

Saturdays and Sundays: On the weekends, this same Post coupon (which is printed INSIDE the box, by the way) is good for $15 off the price of an adult/teen ticket. This is almost as good as the Six Flags Over Texas print-at-home discount...except that you don't have to have a credit or debit card to use it. Either way that you decide to use the coupon, you have all the way until October 7th to do it. After that time, this year's Post coupon will be expired.

Takis coupon: You'll find Six Flags Over Texas on the back of specially marked bags of Takis snacks. Bring your Taki's coupon to the Six Flags ticket booths, and you'll get $17 off of a full-priced adult/teen general admission ticket. Takis coupons cannot be used for online ticket purchase. The last date to use the Takis offer is Sept. 30, 2020.
Employer/corporate Discounts: Sometimes you may find Six Flags Over Texas discount coupons though your place of employment. Simply redeem these coupons at the park's ticket booths to receive the discount price that's printed on the coupon. (Or, sometimes you might be given a coupon code for purchasing your tickets online.) Ask at your human resources department if your company makes these employee discount coupons available. (If they don't, urge your employer to sign up with the park!)
AAA Discounts: Although it's not as good a discount as the park's own print-at-home discount, the yearly Coke special or the coupon, there are just those times when you arrive at the park on your vacation to discover that you haven't thought ahead to buy your ticket online or find a coupon. That's the time when you can whip out your AAA card at the park's ticket booths...because Six Flags Over Texas IS one of the attractions where you may use your AAA "Show Your Card and Save" benefits! You may also ask about AAA discounts inside the park, because selected restaurants and stores at Six Flags (usually the larger ones; not the kiosks) will give you a 10% food/merchandise discount if your a AAA member.
Can you get a military discount to Six Flags Over Texas? Yes and no. No, you can't get a discount ticket at the theme park's admission booths. However, you CAN get discount tickets for yourself and your family at the MWR/ITR offices if you think about it ahead of time.
Do you know any Six Flags Over Texas season pass holders? If you don't, maybe you just don't know your friends well enough...because many people living in the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex (and many living farther away, too!) DO have Six Flags season passes. WHY should you get to know season pass members?
Because Six Flags Over Texas season pass holders have GREAT discount coupons to the theme park! Every time someone gets a season pass, he or she gets a terrific coupon book along with it! They get discounts for buying their friends cheap tickets on selected dates...and sometimes, they even get FREE tickets to Six Flags Over Texas for their friends! PLUS, they can get savings on the theme park's food, games and merchandise, as well. (You can find out about getting your own season pass further down this page.)

The Season Pass Value Book for Six Flags Over Texas include several "Bring a Friend Free" days! In addition, there are coupons for "Bring your friend at a discount" days. What a good deal

Another place to check for good discounts on Six Flags Over Texas tickets is at your hotel's front desk.

If you forget to print out a coupon before leaving home, you probably won't be able to print one after you've arrived in Arlington, Texas for your vacation. After all, not many people carry portable printers with them on vacation!

Nevertheless, all is not lost. A number of hotels surrounding the park sell discount tickets at the front desk. We have purchased such tickets when visiting (and had no problem with them being accepted by the park.)

It's always best to plan ahead and print out a coupon before you go...since you never know if your particular hotel will be participating in this program. But, it's worth a try; don't give up until you ask!

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in California (near San Francisco)
Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles, California
Six Flags Over Georgia in Atlanta Georgia
Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson NJ
Six Flags Great America in Chicago
Six Flags New England in Springfield, MA

Six Flags, Inc. is the world's largest regional theme park company with 20 parks across the United States, Mexico and Canada, and soon will be expanding beyond North America with destinations in Dubai and Qatar.

Be sure you look for discount tickets to Six Flags theme parks before you head over to the park. You can find discount tickets or coupons at local retailers and hotels

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