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Kings Dominion VA Discount Tickets 2020

Looking for discounts to Kings Dominion? There are many ways to get discount tickets to amusements parks including Kings Dominion. We will be constantly scouting for these discounts and posting them here.

It is always a good idea to purchase theme park tickets before you go to the park. Often beverage vendors offer discounts with their product containers or labels. Chain restaurants like subway often have Busch Gardens tickets at a discount.

A 400 acre theme park near Richmond, Virginia featuring numerous roller coasters, thrill rides, water rides, Nickelodeon-themed rides and activities for all ages.

Another great strategy is getting a group of people together and purchasing tickets at a group rate. Getting a group of people at work is one way.


40 Years of Family Fun, Thrills and Memories

In 1971, it was just a dream. A family amusement park north of Richmond and south of Washington, D.C., designed with great rides, entertainment and more with plenty of room to expand. It was new and exciting with something for everyone! Over the years many popular attractions have come and gone from Kings Dominion. Today, there are more than 60 rides, shows and attractions for our guests to enjoy!


They're Back! 'Singing Mushrooms' To Return to Kings Dominion for 40th Celebration

Kings Dominion is excited to announce the iconic ‘Singing Mushrooms’ will make their grand return in the Spring of 2020 as part of the kick-off to the park’s 40th Celebration. This fan-favorite that families came to know and love, will feature the original four colorful mushrooms along with the infamous frog, all singing to their favorite barbershop songs.

“When Kings Dominion announced its 40th Celebration earlier this fall, the response was overwhelming that our guests wanted to see the popular Singing Mushrooms brought back,” said Kings Dominion’s Vice President and General Manager Pat Jones. “As an employee and fan of Kings Dominion since the 70’s, I am excited to see one of my personal favorites return to the park for a new generation of guests to enjoy.”

Garner Holt Productions, Inc. (GHP) from San Bernardino, California was chosen to assist in the refabrication of the Singing Mushrooms. GHP is the world’s largest designer and manufacturer of animatronics for theme parks, museums, dining and retail locations. The company has built nearly 4,000 animatronic figures, hundreds of animated props and show action systems. Most recently, they worked on a restoration of the Timber Mountain Log Ride at Kings Dominion’s sister park, Knott’s Berry Farm in California. 


2020 Front Gate Admission Prices

Regular General Admission
48" or taller in shoes

Junior Admission
Under 48” in shoes

Senior Admission
Ages 62 and older

Twilight Admission
Valid after 4pm

Two Day Admission
Ages 3 and older
May be used any TWO days of the 2020 operating season.
A validating signature is required upon entry and re-entry.


Go to Virginia Beach Vacation Market - Here's how to get a single day Paramounts Kings Dominion discount ticket for about $10 less than the usual price! The trick is, you'll have to go to Virginia Beach to get it.

Here's what you do: Go to Virginia Beach and stop in one of the three Vacation Market locations along Atlantic Avenue (the strip one block in from the beachfront). Buy a one-day single admission ticket there. It'll cost you @$50 instead of $56.99...PLUS you won't have to pay tax. So you'll save about $8 per ticket.


Try a local Parks & Rec Center - Most Virginia Parks & Rec Departments sell Paramounts Kings Dominion discount tickets. For years, the best deal was found at the Richmond's Landmark Theater. BUT after making a year of increasingly making their website totally confusing and incomprehensible they've taken things a step further by deleting all discount ticket info from their site. Darn. Another victim of budget cuts. Too bad.

Still, other local Parks & Rec centers continue to offer discount tickets good for certain summer days (called "P&R" Days). Try Prince George County (call 804-733-2646 for details), Henrico County (, and Albemarle County.


Food - Three words: Bring your own (when possible). The food in Paramounts Kings Dominion is very expensive, especially for the quality (or lack thereof).

So, eat a huge breakfast and/or bring a backpack of snacks (no chocolate--it'll melt). Keep in mind that the park says that "no food or drink is allowed in the park" (their way to try to force you to buy food there).

So make sure you, er, make them invisible. (I use a small backpack-sized purse that holds a bottle of water and a few snacks inconspicuously.)

Another option is to bring a picnic lunch in a cooler and leave it in the car for later. Get your hand stamped and you can take a break in the middle of the day to go out to your car and eat.

Another alternative: get your hand stamped and leave the park for lunch in nearby Ashland.

Water - Drink lots and bring your own. Bottled water is equally expensive in the park, so bring your own in a backpack. Plan on three bottles per person at the height of the summer. Or, just bring one and fill it up at water fountains.

With advanced planning, you can save yourself some money by snooping around for current discounts. So, what is the best discount available now then? Not all deals are good for all people, so on the page below, you can see as many discount options as are available to the general public....and a few specialty groups, as well.

Getting the best deal really depends on your circumstances and travel plans. Kings Dominion offers a number of deals so that everyone will have some discount that really does apply best to them. We go to great lengths to find and show the best deals for Kings Dominion that are available to the general public, and present them in a fair unbiased way. Our site does not sell King's Dominion tickets, so this page is simply intended to help you find the right deal for you. Take your time to look at all the deals listed, because one of these many deals will likely fit your situation better than some of the others. 


Richmond Convention and Visitor's Bureau coupon for King's Dominion: You can print a coupon that will save you $10 off of your ticket to King's Dominion. Where will you find it? Easy---on the official Richmond, VA tourist website,! Along with your discount coupon, you'll be able to find out just about anything you want to know about tourist attractions in & around Richmond.

"Attraction Dining and Value Guide" coupons: This isn't a free coupon; you need to purchase a coupon book called "The Best of Northern Virginia" in order to get it. (The book is a fundraising project for Virginia schools, clubs and organizations. It costs $25, but comes stuffed with Virginia restaurant and attraction coupons which can save you lots of money in the long run.) The 2020 book comes with 4 coupons which will save your family $7 off of each ticket you purchase. 
Look for coupons being sent to last year's season pass holders! Did you have a King's Dominion season pass last year? (Or, a Cedar Fair all-parks pass which you purchased at King's Dominion?) Then, check your mailbox carefully, because coupons will be sent out that are good for very cheap King's Dominion tickets! These are single-day tickets good for selected dates only, but even so, this will be a terrific deal!
King's Dominion has statistics which show that former season pass holders renew them at a high rate. They simply wish to lure former passholders back into the park...which will very likely tempt them to purchase a King's Dominion season pass again for 2020! The entire amount that you pay per ticket when using this coupon can be counted towards a 2020 season pass purchase if you DO decide to get one! So, what's not to like about this special deal? The only restriction on this coupon is that it can't be used to purchase Junior or Senior tickets, which are already substantially discounted compared to the full-priced adult tickets.

It's an annual tradition: getting cheaper Kings Dominion tickets by bringing Coke cans to the park. The dates of this year's Coke Can discount will be from June, 18th thru July 31st, 2020.

For 2020, the Coke can discount works like this--you should bring your Coke can to the Kings Dominion ticket booths for a $15 per ticket discount on a full-priced adult/teen ticket (which normally costs $59.99.)

The rules: you may get the same discount by using either a "specially marked" can of Coca Cola OR a regular UNmarked can of Coca Cola. That way, it was easier on the guests; they don't have to hunt around for the specially-marked cans of Coke (which have the coupon printed on them.) Also last year, you may use cans of Sprite and other Coke products, such as Diet Coke. There is a limit of 6 Coke discount tickets per customer. (Obviously, if you needed more than six tickets, you could simply bring another Coke can & have one of your friends be a different customer.)

Ways that you CAN'T use the Coke discount: The biggest disappointment is that you may NOT combine your Coca Cola can savings with any other discount; the Coke discount can ONLY be used when purchasing full-priced tickets. So, you can't buy the cheaper King's Dominion print-at-home tickets & still use the Coke can discount.

 The King's Dominion general print-at-home discount for 2020 will be $10 per ticket. This will be available at all times during the 2020 season, so that if you simply take the time to plan ahead, you can take advantage of this web-only special.
Print-at-home discounts can sometimes even be cheaper than the park's normal $10 web-only discount. This year, already there was a special Springtime discount and a July pick-a-date discount. There have also been 3-day advance discounts this year, as well. Before hunting around elsewhere, don't forget to check King's Dominion's own ticketing pages to make sure they're not having a better money-saving deal than you can get elsewhere.

Twilight Discount: If you plan to enter King's Dominion after 4 pm, then you can save money by purchasing the park's own Twilight Ticket online. Currently the Twilight pass allows adults/teens to enter the park for kid's price ($37.99.) However, even the Twilight tickets sometimes have sales, so it pays to check.

Other Print at Home Discounts: As the year progresses, there are expected to be other online discounts made available. Towards the beginning of the season, the park likes to push season passes, so that's where the biggest specials are right now. But later on, we should see some other types of discounts promoted by King's Dominion, such as the ones they had last year. These included discounts such as Advance Purchase discounts, "Pink Days" discount tickets, Two Day Ticket specials, and Value Passes.

AAA Discounts: This year, as usual, selected AAA offices will offer King's Dominion discount tickets, including offices in of the Mid Atlantic branch of the AAA. (You must be a member of the AAA...and provide your membership order to purchase these tickets.) 
Virginia Parks & Rec discounts: Special discount tickets can once again be purchased at terrific discounts in 2020. The actual amount of your discount will depend on what day you visit King's Dominion. For many dates this, you'll be able to purchase tickets for only $31 each. For other days, you'll still be able to get the very good discount rate of $40.
Maryland Parks & Rec discounts: Members of the Maryland Recreation and Parks Association are also eligible for cheap King's Dominion tickets. This year's ticket rates are only $32 to $42 each, depending on the date you visited the park.
North Carolina Parks & Rec discounts: Similar to the Virginia and Maryland discounts, members of the North Carolina Recreation & Park Association may also be eligible for discounted Kings Dominion tickets (and Carowinds tickets, too!) 2020 information is now available. 

While it can be hard to predict how many times you will go to Kings Dominion, this question is very important to see if a season pass is the best option for you. The math is simple though. A one day admission ticket costs 59.99, or else $49.99 when purchased online. The Silver Annual Pass to King's Dominion costs quite a bit less than double that amount.

Knowing this information, you can see that even if you only go 2 days in the entire operating season, you'll save money if you get a season pass. If you go 3 days or more in the 2020 season, a season pass will save you more and more money with each and every visit.

2020 Silver Pass: Good for admission to most rides and attractions throughout the 2020 operating season. What it doesn't cover: Parking; Halloween Haunt admission; and extra-fee attractions, such as the park's new "Dinosaurs Alive!" Dinosaur exhibit. What's the price? $69.99 for all of the 2020 season.
2020 Gold Pass: The King's Dominion Gold pass gives you admission AND free parking every day of the 2020 season. What's not covered: Extra-fee attractions, like the new Dinosaur Alive! How much does the Gold Pass cost? $99.99...or just a bit less if you purchase 4 at the same time.
2020 Platinum Pass: At $179.00 adults and $96.00 junior/senior, this pass is the most expensive of the bunch, but well worth it if you can use the benefits. The big difference between other season passes and the Platinum pass is that only the Platinum pass allows you to go to other Cedar Fair parks... and with free parking at all of them. As you can see on website (Kings Dominion's parent company), there are several very popular parks throughout the country that this pass will get you into. If you plan on going to any one of them, this pass will be a great deal for you. If you live in the area, then the big three parks that will be closest are Kings Dominion, Dorney Park, and Carowinds. The world famous Knotts Berry Farm, and Cedar Point theme parks are also some of the other parks that are included. It is exciting to think about going to another park, because Cedar Fair operates some of the world's best theme parks. However, if you are not going to go to others enough to make the extra cost of the Platinum Pass pay for itself, then the either the Silver or the Gold pass would be the most cost effective option for you.
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