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Cedar Point Discounts Tickets and Coupons 2015

Cedar Point Ohio

Looking for discounts to Cedar Point Halloween Halloweekends?

There are many ways to get discount tickets to amusements parks including Cedar Point during the HAlloween season. We will be constantly scouting for these discounts, promr codes, or coupons and posting them here.

Check these on line locations fer great discounts to Cedar Point Ammusement Park.

Warning: Every weekend night, evil takes over the park. Zombies, Psychotic clowns and other twistedness that will haunt you and your friend's dreams. This event is too intense for anyone under the age of 13. Or anyone else, for that matter.

So if you are looking for theme park deals you have come to the right place. Whether you want to go for a day of for a week it is always a good idea to plan ahead. Look for Six Flags discounts on line.

Check you local paper for Six Flags coupons.

You can save up to $10 when you buy Cedar point Halloweekend tickets on line ahead of time. Cedar Point's buy now scream later plan saves you money when visiting Cedar point during the Halloween season.
Cedar Point Halloweekends Attractions  
Boeckling's Banquet  

Scarowinds Blood DrumeDine with the dearly departed with Boeckling's Banquet. Guests will enjoy a delicious meal served by the "residents" of the haunted Eerie Estate. Meal is served at 5:30 p.m. on Friday and 12:30 p.m. on Saturday.

All meals include your choice of entree plus a salad, twice baked potato, fresh steamed vegetables, rolls & butter, dessert, glass of wine or beer and assorted Pepsi beverages. Reservations are required and dates do sell out in advance.


Kings Island Halloween Haunt Hot Blooded

Vampires, blood and rock n' roll explode on the stage in this seductive after-life revue. This clan is born to be wild and looking for action. Break on through to the other side and get bitten!


Cut Throat Cove  
Scarowinds Blood Drume

Arrrrrr you brave enough? Meet the motley crews of sunken ships, left scavenging on the shore, waitin' for rescue for more than 150 years.

LOCATION: Near Maverick View Park Map
FRIDAYS: 8 p.m. - Close
SATURDAYS: 8 p.m. - Close
SUNDAYS (October ONLY): 7 p.m. - Close


Eden Musee  
Kings Island Halloween Haunt Hot Blooded

Welcome to a museum where the wax figures range from classic to creepy... and some have been known to come to life. A scare beyond compare!

LOCATION: Near Mean Streak View Park Map
FRIDAYS: 8 p.m. - Close
SATURDAYS: 5 p.m. - Close
SUNDAYS: 3 p.m. - Close


Warning: Every weekend night, evil takes over the park. Zombies, Psychotic clowns and other twistedness that will haunt you and your friend's dreams. This event is too intense for anyone under the age of 13. Or anyone else, for that matter.

There is also a family friendly halloween adventure at the park.

Other Cedar Point Attractions you might want to visit during the Halloween season.
Cedar Point Windseeker - new in 2015

Everyone is talking about the newest ride at Cedar Point, Windseeker.

NEW in 2015 - Soar high above the Cedar Point Beach on WindSeeker, a 301-foot-tall, nothing-below-your-chair-but-air thrill ride experience!

Riders sit in two-person seats with a lap bar and a seatbelt with their feet dangling. As the ride spins, it accelerates to 30 miles per hour; it simultaneously slowly ascends the tower over about 50 seconds. It will spin at the top for about a minute and then descend in about 50 more seconds. While spinning, the seats will reach an angle of 45 degrees.

Cedar Point Windseeker
Cedar Point Discount Tickets

Discount tickets are available at participating supermarkets in the Sandusky Ohio area including Giant Eagle, Meijer, Drug Mart, and TOPS stores.   Discount tickets are also available at participating AAA locations for AAA members.

Cedar Point Coupons and codes

Try the coupon code snoopy0114

Cedar Points free Getaway Guide brochure, which can be requested from 1-800-BEST-FUN and includes two pages of coupon offers such as:

Where can I buy discounted Cerdar Point tickets?

  • Buy one get one free offers on Cedar Point Starlight tickets, merchandise, popular games, and refreshments.
  • Direct discounts on admission tickets to Cedar Point, as well as Soak City and Challenge Park.
  • Discounts for the Cedar Point's related resort properties so guests can stay where they play for a better deal.
  • Specially marked Pepsi cans that offer admission deals to Cedar Point.
  • Meijer stores that sell discounted tickets to Cedar Point (there is one on highway 250 less than 5 miles from Cedar Point).
  • Select credit unions in Ohio, Michigan, and other nearby states sell Cedar Point discoiunt tickets.
  • The Discover Ohio visitor’s guide and the Erie County Travel Guide that both include coupons for Cedar Point and other local attractions.
  • Military discounts and AAA member discounts that are available in advance or at Cedar Point’s admission gates.
  • Resort packages at Cedar Point hotels that feature free tickets and discounted admission rates for guests.
  • Local Sandusky hotels that offer discounted tickets to Cedar Point.
Latest Deals for Cedar Point Tickets

Discount tickets are available at participating Giant Eagle, Meijer and Drug Mart stores.   Discount tickets are also available at participating AAA locations for AAA members.

Can I buy Cedar Point or other theme park tickets at Meijer stores?
Yes. Meijer stores offer Cedar POint park discount tickets in 2015.
Meijer will not be selling Kings Island tickets for 2015
Every year Meijer Cedar Point tickets are offered at a discount, Meijer has offered these discounted tockets for other theme parks in the past but is only offering them for Cedar Point in 2015. We are not sure why they decided to discontinue carrying them for Kings Island but if you are heading to Sandusky Ohio make sure you stop by a Meijer store to get you tickets ahead of time. These are not Cedar Point coupons but actual tickets.
Cedar Point Events

Picnic at the Point Memorial Day - $46.99

Combine your park admission with an all-you-can-eat meal on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday May 29-31! Enjoy broiled Johnsonville brats, fried chicken, hot dogs, baked rigatoni, baked beans, potato salad, assorted Pepsi beverages, cookies and ice cream. Served from 5:30-7 p.m. (May 29), 4:30-6:30 p.m. (May 30) and 1:30-3:30 p.m. (May 31) in the Coral Courtyard. One entry to the session during the serving time. Junior/Senior pricing also available. If you already have a ticket, or are a Season Passholder, you can purchase the meal at park admission booths, May 29-31.

Special Note: All active and retired members of the military can purchase the all-you-can-eat meal add-on for half price (does not include admission ticket), all weekend. Visit park admission booths to purchase the meal. Valid military ID required. Prices do not include tax.

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Cedar Point Mid-Week Saver Ticket - $34.99

Visit us any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday through June 24 and save $11 off the gate price! Ticket is valid for a one-day admission to Cedar Point on any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday through June 24, 2010 only. One admission per ticket. Visit any other day of the 2010 season and pay an upgrade fee at the park (the difference between the Mid-Week Saver Ticket and a regular, one-day admission ticket at the gate). Sale ends at 9:00 p.m. on June 24, 2010.


Cedar Point Pick-a-Date Ticket - $29.99

Pick your date to visit us in June and save $16 off the gate price! Ticket is valid for a one-day admission to Cedar Point June 1-30, 2010. One admission per ticket. Visit any other operating day of the 2010 season and pay an upgrade fee at the park (the difference between the Pick-a-Date Ticket and a regular, one-day admission ticket at the gate). Sale ends at 11:59 p.m. on May 31, 2010.


Rock & Ride Combo - $54

Visit both Cedar Point AND the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame/Museum in Cleveland for the low price of $54.00! Valid for guests 48" & taller. Tickets must be used by October 31, 2010. Valid for a one-day visit at each attraction. Sale ends on October 31, 2010.


Does Cedar Point offer a non-rider discount? 

Cedar Point does not offer a non-rider discount. Cedar Point has a one-price admission because it is a multi-faceted park, not just a ride park.  Live entertainment abounds at the park with live shows performed daily, including “Everyone Loves Snoopy,” an ice-skating show in the Good Time Theatre.  The historic park also features a wide variety of gift shops, restaurants, a mile-long beach and boardwalk and much more.  There are a number of non-active rides most people can enjoy.  These include the CP & LE Railroad, Space Spiral, Giant Wheel, Paddle Wheel Excursions, and Sky Ride.


Rock & Ride Package

This popular combo ticket is back for only $53.00! The details:

  • (1) one-day admission to Cedar Point
  • (1) one-day admission to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland
  • Valid any public operating day of the 2009 season at both Cedar Point and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
  • Expires Sunday, November 1, 2009
  • Offer available online only.
During certain low-traffic seasons or at other times when the parks want to drum up business, these can be great values, indeed. Don't book a package that includes features you probably would not use. Even if a package is not much of a savings over purchasing the bundled items separately, the time and energy you can save with one-stop shopping may make it worth it to you.

Cedar Point Ohio Thrill rides

Magnum XL 200

Magnum XL-200

It's the coaster by which all others are measured. Magnum broke records when it opened in 1989. Ride this steel monument of thrill and experience a true coaster legend.

The Magnum XL-200 is a landmark at Cedar Point. Built as the first coaster in the world to top 200 feet, the Magnum travels along the Cedar Point Beach and right along the shores of Lake Erie.

In addition to the multiple hills, its 72-mph speed, a unique "pretzel" turn-around and three tunnels, you can see Canada from the top of the lift hill on a clear day!


Mean Streak



Enjoy one of the longest coaster rides at the park. Mean Streak is a giant of a wood coaster. Head to Frontiertown to challenge this behemoth.


The structure is menacing. 1.7 million board feet of Southern yellow pine. 161 feet tall. 65 mph. 5,400 feet of adventure.

Mean Streak's a biggie - as much fun to look at as it is to ride. With hill after hill and the classic "woodie" look and feel, Mean Streak is a true white-knuckler with it's amazing height and speed.

Mean Streal Cedar Point

Millennium Force

Millenium Force Cedar Point


The park's 310-foot-tall steel screamer, Millennium Force, is ready to take you to dizzying heights and unheard of speeds. The Future Is Riding On It. Right now.

Millennium Force is the park's star attraction, standing 310 feet above the Earth. It broke 10 world records when it opened in 2000 and continues to deliver ultimate thrills to those who challenge it.

Top Thrill Dragster  
Cedar Point Top Thrill Dragster

Top Thrill Dragster is one of the tallest and fastest coasters in the world. Race 420 feet into the sky at speeds of 120 mph on the world's first "Strata Coaster."

"Keep arms down, head back, and hold on!" They're the last words you hear before you're sent blasting down the launch track.

Top Thrill Dragster is a behemoth, standing 420 feet above the Cedar Point midways. It opened as the tallest and fastest coaster in the world back in 2003, and riders can't seem to get enough of this "Top Thrill."

Cedar POint Calypso
Similar to the park's Scrambler ride, Calypso spins riders on a giant, moving platform. The cars spin counter-clockwise while the tilted platform spins clockwise, giving riders a crazy experience!

Cedar Downs Racing Derby - Ride one of 64 horses, all racing for a first-place finish in the Derby! It's one of only two racing carrousels in the U.S. and its history dates back to 1920. Four-abreast horses "race" on a giant rotating turntable, and each horse moves forward and backward.[11]

Chaos Cedar Point A Chance-Morgan Chaos that opened in 1997 as one of the first rides of its kind in the world. It inverts its riders in three degrees of motion: lifting, inverting, and spinning. Chaos is currently for sale.

There was another Chaos present at Indiana Beach in Monticello Indiana. The ride is in full operating order as of the 2010 season.
Dodgem - It's an amusement park classic. Get behind the wheel of your own bumper car and take a crash course in family fun!
  Matterhorn - Feel the sensation of traveling up and down the hills of the Matterhorn. Individual cars rock back-and-forth while rotating around a circular, hilly course.[11]

maXair – A Huss Giant Frisbee ride that swings back and forth at an arc of up to 120 degrees and reaches a height of 140 feet. maXair provides the amazing sensation of airtime. 50 riders strap in with their feet dangling below.

Monster - Spin, turn and move up and down on the Monster. Each of the ride's cars spin individually while the arms they're attached to turn, rise and fall.
Ocean Motion - The seas aren't rough on this classic! Climb aboard this giant swinging ship and prepare for a journey 65 feet into the air.

Power Tower – A Drop Tower ride featuring both a Space Shot and Turbo Drop. Power Tower is the only four-towered Drop Tower ride in the world, devoting two towers to each drop cycle. All four towers are 240 feet tall.

Scrambler - The classic Scrambler was definitely named appropriately. Spin counter-clockwise in your car while at the same time, the entire ride spins clockwise.

Skyhawk – An S&S Screamin' Swing, it is currently the world's largest swinging ride, reaching a height to 125 feet, reaching speeds of 60 mph (97 km/h) and swings up to an arc of 92 degrees.[11]
Super Himalaya - It's a circular ride that travels clockwise on a track filled with hills. Take a ride with friends while you laugh and smile at the feelings this ride produces!

Troika – A common Huss Troika ride. It's just like the Scrambler, but on this ride, your car rises 25 feet above the ground.

Wave Swinger - Feel the sensation of floating on this giant swing ride. Rise 16 feet into the air in your individual swing that's attached to a rotating, rising tower.

WindSeeker (New for 2015) - Look straight down at the ground 300 feet below in this new ride for 2015. Rise up 300 feet in the air in one of 32 double seats that spins around a center pole at a max speed of 25-30 mph.

Witches' Wheel – A Huss Enterprise attraction. A thrilling variation of the Ferris wheel, the Witches' Wheel turns riders upside down more than a dozen times nearly 60 feet (18 m) above the midway at a 90 degree angle.



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Cedar POint millennium force
Cedar Point

People throughout the entire world know about it. It's the number-one rated amusement park on the planet. It's also the second oldest amusement park in North America. With a history dating back to 1870, the classic amusement park/resort on the shore of Lake Erie has seen its share of rides, roller coasters, trends and history.
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